Fashion Preview: Naven

Naven was created by twin designers Kymberely and Alexis McClay. Kymberely and Alexis developed a love of fashion at a young age. Their North American and European influences are apparent in their fashion-forward style and designs. The twins gained valuable experiences after graduating from Pepperdine University and FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles and then working in the industry.  In fall 2007, they put their creative minds and their knowledge design together to create the brand Naven. It plays on a contrast between classic and sophisticated silhouettes and a young, fun and flirty style.  The line highlights the beauty of the female form through flattering fits, while portraying empowerment and energy with bold colors, fine fabrics, and an edgy take on classic shape. Celebrities such as the Kardashian’s, Melissa Gorga, Giuliana Rancic, Eva Longoria, Kristin Cavallari, Emmy Rossum, and more have been seen wearing Naven.

Fashion Preview: Melissa Odabash

Before she launched her first swimwear collection, Melissa Obadash was a catwalk and swimwear model for top Italian designers. After being in countless shows and wearing many different eye-catching bikinis, she thought “I can do better than this” and sought out to do just that. Her designs are inspired by Italian fashions and focus on “simplicity and high quality fabrics with a timeless elegance”. Her zebra print bikini was a best seller in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and was mentioned in British Vogue as the “Ferraris of the bikini world”. Having been established for over a decade, Melissa has a wide variety of swimwear, beachwear, and ready-to-wear collections that are distributed in over 48 countries and over 250 department stores, boutiques and resorts. In 2007, Melissa opened her first flagship store located on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill. Shortly after she opened a sister store on Walton St. in Chelsea. Melissa’s bikinis have been worn by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Macpherson, Beyonce, Gweneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, Eva Longoria, and many more.


Fashion Preview: Les Copains

Les Copains is an Italian fashion brand founded by Mario Bandiera in the late 1950s. As one of the most well known names in ready-to-wear fashion in Italy and throughout the world, this brand has always been considered a symbol of the “Made in Italy” tradition in terms of creativity, industrial technique, and quality. Though cashmere is the company’s first love, the predominate element of design is knitwear, a symbol of style, glamour, freedom and excellence.  In 1996 Antonio Marras was appointed as designer, but prematurely ended his contract in April 2005, due to over extension. The designer for the main Les Copains label, Antonio Berardi, took over upon Marras’s sudden exit, but left when his contract ended in February 2008. Albino D’Amato is the current designer as of April 2008.  Les Copians has various lines including Les Copains Woman, Les Copains Man, Les Copains Sport, Les Copains Cashmere, Trend Les Copains, Blue Les Copains and Jeans Les Copains. They also have a line of baby wear. Since his start as designer, D’Amato has focused on turning the house’s attention more toward men’s and the main line, putting the popular collection, Trend Les Copians on the back burner.

For more information on history of the brand visit:


Special Thanks from FBW & BE!

Fashion & Beauty Week and BE! Magazine will be recognizing last year’s participating salons and Lord & Taylor as making a difference, working together, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

To hear more about their contribution, come to our official mixer on October 4th!

Mixer Designers Announced!

Our runway producer, Alina Leshiner has carefully chosen the designers that she thought would be the best fit for Fashion & Beauty Week’s mixer. The categories that everyone will see include swimwear, gowns, dresses, and ready-to-wear. So, without further adieu, the designers that will be presented during this year’s mixer are:

  • Les Copains

  • Melissa Odabash

  • Naven

  • Sue Wong

Good Vibes

Fashion & Beauty Week is so excited to host our October 4th Mixer at Club Vibe in Riverdale, NJ! Besides being beautiful and easy to get to, Vibe is a 10,000 sq ft space that includes two rooms with incredible sound, lighting, digital signage, in-house audio and video equipment, built-in and movable bars, lounge furniture, formal seating, a commercial kitchen, and much more. Their media set-up is truly ideal for creating a great visual and overall experience for sharing what Fashion & Beauty Week is all about. The club is only a few years old but has already created a respected name for itself by hosting the most exclusive events. Did we mention this venue is also connected with celebrity DJ Nicky Sibilia? No wonder it’s an NJ hot spot.

FBW Gets Hip

Fashion & Beauty Week is thrilled to have The Hip Event back on board for our 2012/2013 event. Last year, they provided tremendous support by envisioning and creating the Qream Lounge Experience, implementing in-store marketing campaigns, and more. This year, we couldn’t be happier to announce The Hip Event as not only our Official PR Sponsor, but also a major player in sponsor recruitment and relationship building.

So why did FBW get Hip? Well, for one, they’re fabulous. And here’s why…

Founded in 2007, they’re  a full-service boutique agency. With offices right outside New York City, The Hip Event provides both local and national clients expertise and experience in public relations, marketing, special events, and communication management that caters to upscale industry clients within the fashion, beauty, hospitality, retail and entertainment industries.

Check out a few videos and photos below from last year’s FBW event as well as recent Hip events.







FBW Welcomes Our Newest Interns

Fashion & Beauty Week has recently welcomed two new fabulous interns, Nicole Poveda and Ronney Garcia, that are devoting their time to assist in making this next event the best one yet.

Growing up in a 100% Colombian household, Nicole Poveda has developed a love for languages and culture. At the young age of 21, she speaks English and Spanish fluently and is sufficient in Italian. She has even tried her hand in learning the Arabic language. Nicole is currently living in River Edge, NJ but attends school at Montclair State University, majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Criminal Justice and International Studies. Even with her crazy schedule including her classes, her job at the Oradell Public Library, and her leadership in various organizations, Nicole has managed to maintain her spot on the Dean’s List while making time to pamper herself and hang out with her friends.

Ronney Garcia is also 21 years old. He is currently studying Communications & Marketing at Bergen Community College, but is looking into Radio Broadcasting as well. Whether he is working out, playing sports (baseball, football, soccer, and hockey),  or hanging out with friends, he always makes sure to keep himself busy.  Although Ronney is a big fan of outdoor activities such as, camping, kayaking, hiking, and paddle boarding, he also loves to relax and watch a movie or listen to music.

Nicole and Ronney sat with us to answer a few questions about their involvement with FBW. See what they had to say in the exclusive interview below!

Q: Why did you want to become involved with FBW?
N: I wanted to do something meaningful with my summer. Ever since I met Jack
and he explained the event to me I was instantly interested.
I had been looking for the right cause to volunteer my time to and this
seemed perfect – a cross of fashion culture with charity work.
R: I want to be a part of Fashion & Beauty Week because of the cause it’s
raising money for. The Diabetes Research Institute’s goal to find a cure is
what really attracted me to interning for a wonderful event because I can
personally relate to it. I also love the tie in to the fashion and beauty

Q: What Is your favorite part about interning for FBW?
N: I love learning about everything behind-the-scenes and what goes into
running an event like FBW. There is always so much to do and Jennifer’s
organization is the key to successfully getting things done. I’ve met
interesting people who must possess a passionate drive in order to make FBW
a wonderful event.
R: My favorite part about interning for FBW is using skills that I have
never thought I had. I’m able to put some of my abilities to the test and
make a real contribution. Once the main event is put together, I get to see
what I have helped created.

Q: Why is Diabetes important to you?
N: Being a Latina, I know how prevalent diabetes is in the Latino community.
It is affecting more and more people, including my own family members. I see
how much my uncles suffer, as well as how it affects worried loved ones. It
would be my dream to see such unnecessary suffering end.
R: Diabetes is important to me because of my grandmother is plagued by it.
She has Type 1 diabetes, which is the more severe of the two types. It has
led to gang green which then led to amputations. She has suffered greatly
because of diabetes, making several trips to the hospital. I remember when I
was a younger, my grandmother having to inject insulin into her stomach. It
was a hard thing for me to see, but it taught me to not be afraid of needles
and to be strong.

Q: What are you most looking forward to during your time at FBW?
N: I look forward to the actual main event! Especially after hearing so many
great things about previous FBWs, I want to attend the events and experience
the hard work we have been exerting into the event. I think it will be
greatly successful.
R: I’m looking forward to the main event and meeting wonderful people who
will teach me new skills. I also look forward to working with great people
in making this event a huge success. I’m all about learning and supporting a
great cause. In the end, I know that this experience will be worth it.

Q: One of the biggest attractions at last year’s FBW was the runway show so
I have to ask, who is your favorite designer/label?
N: Coco Chanel. Like she said: “A girl must be two things: classy and
R: Armani Exchange. I love the variety of style it has to offer.

Cool In Your Code

Represent your area code in style by shopping locally and acting globally – by supporting a business owner who dedicates her time to worldwide charities like FBW and the DRI. Suite 201 is now selling personalized area code necklaces. They are available in sterling silver and 14k white and yellow gold.  They can be made in any area code combination you want. Owner of Suite 201 and FBW runway producer, Alina Leshiner, states that she originally had the necklace made for herself but it quickly became a hot commodity, and now everyone is ordering them! She says that she loves these necklaces because it’s stylish to be proud of where you’re from, and what better way to represent that than to wear it. Although, FBW is an international event, we’re proud to currently be held in New Jersey!

Love it? Gotta have it? Head over to the store located in Ridgewood, NJ or log on to the website and order your customized necklace today!

Top 5 Summer Trends from Suite 201

From flowing maxi skirts, dresses, and short shorts to cool pastel shades, bright neon colors, and prints, fashionistas everywhere are sporting these hot summer ’12 trends. We stopped by Suite 201 to get Alina Leshiner’s top five personal picks of the season. In addition to being owner of the hip Ridgewood boutique and Fashion & Beauty Week’s Runway Producer, Alina is also a celebrity stylist, having dressed many of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Watch the video below to see what she had to say – then comment and tell us about your summer faves