Fashion & Beauty Week is a prestigious international event held in New Jersey that includes runway shows featuring top seasoned and emerging designers, a fabulous cocktail dinner, wine tasting, beauty bar, silent auction, VIP/press lounge and more. The event will be held this year on October 3-4th a two night spectacular affair which benefits the Diabetes Research Institute as we bring awareness to the cause. Get your tickets to this amazing event now! Ticket Info   VIDEO –>Behind The Scenes Production Team (It’s not allowing me to upload the HTML code so you can view video on the page??? I will e-mail Jennifer the code to see if she can try to add it on) MESSAGE TO JACK –> I need more time to finish your piece give me until the end of today Tuesday, (a lot of background chatter and high heels clicking on some key parts so I have to really splice +mix, worst case scenario backroom office for a re-shoot : ( ) REGARDING PICS–>Please look over all photos since these will be posted on blog as well, Jack your picture + video will be in a separate blog posting but please let me know if you like the picture. I only picked from the best out of two that I had taken. Fashion & Beauty Week Team   Erin Sharkey Production Coordinator and Catherine Sposa Intern Jennifer Holsmon Media Director   Alexandria Assistant Runway Show Producer and Alina Leshiner Runway Show Producer  Brandy Brown Intern  and Art Jones Social Media Specialist fashionandbeautyweek Will Love Reporter + Editor Chastity Palmer-Davis  Beauty + Fashion Blogger